Small Business shouldn’t be lonely… Owner and business support is the focus of the BSB community group.

Foundered in July 2014 with a belief that small business should not be lonely. Owners should have an outlet to share their challenges, seek advice and to share what they know to build lasting relationships and their business.

2015 saw the inaugural Brisbane Small Business Expo and the numbers grew to 1350 by years end.

2016 was a big year, the second Expo was held and the membership grew to beyond 3000 by years end. Live networking had started to gain some limited traction.

In 2017 with the formation of an executive team there are plans to refine and continue the Expo format. A focus on delivering great information and learning thought community activities is where the group is headed for the future. We’re growing by 40 members weekly and looking to become Brisbane’s Premier Small Business Networking community.

Come join the gang, meet likeminded business owners without the spam and heavy sales pitch. It’s free to join.

Lets Go Local
Support Your Local Business

Brisbane Small Business Directory and Business Portal is designed to help you:

  1. Cut through the noise
  2. Find leading local Brisbane Businesses
  3. Make it easier for you to find what you’re seeking from a local small business

Making the decision to shop locally keeps the funds inside our local community.

This provides a greater opportunity for that to make a difference to local employment, the growth of local business, to the profits and improves the mental health of the community as a whole.

  1. This site promotes the talent of Small Business in Brisbane.
  2. Reviews are audited, so you can trust them.
  3. We’re proud to be part of the movement to “Go Local, Grow Local Business”

Our Facebook Community, Brisbane Small Business is the largest and most engaged network of small business owners in Brisbane with over 10,000 members, 1,000,000 unique daily visitors in the last year and 83% of members being active within the last month.

Businesses here are owned by people like you.

Go Local-Grow Local Business